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Left Coast livin'

Committed to our Patients

We strive daily to bring the three Q's to our customer base: Quality of Product, Quality of Service, & Quality Delivery Time. 

14' Rooted in pacific beach

We have innovated & persevered, pushing the envelope of creativity while holding on to the basics of our true self.  Loyal to our soil, Pacific Beach and San Diego in general will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Medical products for the new cannabis world

From flowers, vapes cartridges, edibles, pre rolls, and some game changing concentrates, we bring the fire from the best of the best in the medical world to the legal midz market. Quality > Quantity way of life!


Our brand connections have been forged through the years...

A divide in the cannabis industry has started between the new, non cannabis corporate businesses and the few of us that have emerged from the medical world equipped with cannabis knowledge and compassion for the patients. Cannabis product knowledge being one of the few things money cannot buy, and a Harvard degree cannot help. No matter the era, Proposition 215 (medical marijuana) or Proposition 64 (Adult Use), the simple truth remains that anytime someone uses cannabis it is medical, true medicine without withdrawal and addiction as side effects. At Left Coast Collective, we value our patients and also our vendors, most of which are from the medical side of the industry because we all share an appreciation for quality, This shared admiration is one that has been developed through years, through cultivation experience, direct involvement with our loving patients, and this great medicine. 


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