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Flower, or the bud of the cannabis plant, is the most organic way to medicate. Benefiting from licensing, all flower and all other cannabis products for that matter are now parts per billionth tested (crazy right? Food is parts per millionth = daily fun fact). indica flower usually has an 8 week flower time after a vegetative stage of a week or multiple months depending on how you're growing. Indica flower helps with pain and sleep predominately but also has many other medical benefits. An example of an indica strain would be Grand Daddy Purple. Bubba Kush, or Northern Lights to name a few. Sativa is the more day time type of flower strain that brings creativity and focus without the body relieving effects of indica. Sativa is generally around a 12 week flowering time and a main reason future prices of Sativa will be much more expensive than indica but that is for another day. Known Sativa smokers are known to medicate Tangie, Green Crack, or the infamous NY City Sour Diesel.  

Concentrates are what they sound like, a concentrated form of the cannabis flower extracted by numerous different methodologies such as butane extracted or BHO, carbon dioxide or CO2 extracted, and organic techniques referred to as solventless. The processes all differ in temperature, length of purge, and obviously the solvent used in the extraction process that bring to life the cannabis terpenes differently.  

Vape cartridges are the most discrete "on the go" method of medicating and either come as two pieces, the cart and battery, or fully disposable. Usually holding CO2 extracted oil, the atomizer heats but does not burn the cannabis product inside the chamber. By not burning the product patients are left with a portable cannabis apparatus that can be medicated right next to someone else with the other person not knowing a thing. and also have the flavor of many patients favorite strains. 

At Left Coast, we do not carry many edible products but the one's we do are delicious and pack a punch. From sour candies to chocolates to cookies, which is the be, we have you covered if you are looking to medicate with an edible. Newbies be warned, the rule of thumb is "you can ALWAYS add, you can NEVER subtract." Eating an edible for the first time, patients should not try and overdo it, less is more when dealing with edibles and sometimes a tiny sliver of a bite can have intense psychedelic effects that can be a little too much for beginning cannabis patients. 

Prerolls are specialty rolled joints that are best for quick medicating that does not require the actually rolling of the flower. Some of ours are even matched up with a flower on the menu so you can see and try the actual bud before purchasing a bunch of the specific joints for that easy access use in the future.

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