Left Coast Black is the single most EXCLUSIVE VIP membership in all of cannabis with the covert unvailing a mere three weeks away. A Skull & Bones level elite club with special productreleases & discounts not given to anyone else, access beyond the back stage with vendor meets and many other benefits. This is the Connoisseur's Club of THe Connoisseur collective, those who stood by our side through thick and thin battling with us every step of the way, the loyal, the people who have been Left Coast even without working a day in the field, those who cringe at the very notion of ordering through another dispensary or promoting a brand not LCC, no amount of money can buy you a place in this select group, the only dues for Left Coast Blk members have been pre paid already and it wasn't in shiny gold pieces or glistening diamonds, it was a requirement not able to be faked deep inside all of US members that goes beyond race, religion, sexual orioentation, or cultural beliefs to a place that's pure, its an understanding of subconcious, a place travaled that others have not, it's of a different level of cannabis others have yet to experience that trancends all else especially now in the LEGAL midz market where profit is the only goal, where soon crap product will flood the street for pennies & an amazing plant will be ruined by GMO cancer causing material, the few of us will remain unwavered (we wont smoke that shit come on!!!), somewhat surprised everyone else bought into the "legal cannabis market," we had to participate in order to bring our Craft Cannabis to the masses, a group that has risen from the depths of the darkness, through illegal raids, unjust tax, corporate takeover & anyone & everyone who knew where Left Coast was going and tried to derail OUR movement, to the next stratosphere as a company & humans we go into the BLK

710 labs special sauce
710 Sauce Special