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With 20+ years experience on the wholesale and then cultivation side of the industry, Left Coast was formed by generational industry elites from Northern California. We have always valued diversity, typically we do not hire from within the industry based on extensive bad habits. We value the clean slate and can teach anyone the ends and outs of cannabis. Hard work, dedication, and loyalty we cannot. Stumbling on most employees with random universal luck, we all knew there was a reason something larger than ourselves was being formed. Also, the then one year old black lab puppy made the move from Nor Cal as well and continues to greet staff & vendors throughout the day with his happy playful demeanor.


Developing a delivery model that could not just be a success in San Diego but elsewhere was the common goal. We pushed the envelope in every department with innovation & automation, we were laughed at, doubted, & feared. The simple building blocks remained from day 1: 
     -Unparalleled quality of product not yet seen on a consistent basis anywhere to date
     -Empathetic passion driven customer service from people who genuinely cared for the well being of the patient being helped
     -Rapid delivery times as well as scheduled orders with 89.8% of rapid deliveries going under 22 minutes 


Teaming up and residing under Southwest Patients Group license, Left Coast is allowed to operate our delivery throughout San Diego legally today and into the future. Having found a group of diverse but genuine people throughout, there's a juggernaut of a team being formed at the border. Geographically most might be quick to think the Mexican border is not the most ideal area. Truth is, there's more people who cross that border than anywhere IN THE ENTIRE WORLD daily. Not only that but San Ysidro is only a quick 17 minute drive from downown even. We look forward to altering the perspecitve of more and more patients and now new adult use customers as Uprooted becomes the #1 destination for cannabis in San Diego.


 At Left Coast, multiple staff members could be doing a handful of things career wise than be in an industry that has been on tumultuous ground for awhile. Nevertheless, they've chose to be in an industry that is at the forefront of growth and change, innovation and adaptation. Pure creativity comes alive when there is no road map to how situations have been done before. Our company is built on people who want to be apart of facilitating a change World wide. We do not always agree with laws or politics behind the scenes and being at the forefront of this movement it will allow change to happen on a massive scale. In order leave a positive mark on humanity however small, we continue to fight the next day for. 

Resiliency is nothing without purpose...

 This is a time like none other before. The closest in history made certain areas of the globe in center of the universe. In Egyptian times it was Cairo, just as Rome was in Roman times, CALIFORNIA will be the the same nucleus for LEGAL CANNABIS and groundbreaking change globally going forward.

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