Slym'n Sap is a live resin blend of Citrus Sap (Tangie x GG4) and the Slymer aka Chernobyl genetic. This is a brain bending sativa hybrid treat, mostly sativa for sure. The Tangie and Slymer terps overwhelm the GG4 which is an accomplishment as anything with GG4 in it tends to smell like glue. Fantastic for a wake and bake session if you're a bright citrus flavor lover. Don't expect to be overly functional as the racy sativa effects mixed with the mentally incapacitating GG4 might leave you only capable of very one track creative endeavors. A relative newcomer to our shelves but an instant staff and patient favorite, Raw Garden is a large central California farm specifically growing outdoor for an amazingly clean, bright and affordable live resin concentrate.