Gorilla Glue #2 Live Rosin Persy 1g - 710 Labs


710Labs is an exclusive to us here in San Diego. They grow and process some of the loudest products in the industry with a focus on solventless concentrates and exotic, diverse genetics. Packing a punch with even the smallest hit, Gorilla Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue #1) has quickly become a favorite for users seeking a super powerful and sedating high. Coming onto the cannabis scene during the summer of 2016, those at GG Strains created a hit with this 50/50 hybrid strain. Chem’s Sister mixed with Chocolate Diesel gives you Gorilla Glue, and it takes on a strong yet pleasing scent while instantly hitting you with its effects. Gorilla Glue #2 is a more sativa leaning phenotype of the gorilla glue, so expect less middle of the road hybrid effects and more of an uplifting buzz from this high quality concentrate.

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