Jungle Cake 3.5g - Village
Jungle Cake 3.5g - VillageJungle Cake 3.5g - Village


This highly touted strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics is a cross of White Fire 43 & Wedding Cake. This phenotype was selected by Jungle Boys. Breaking down the buds brings out a more pronounced woodsy OG aroma with notes of gasoline & wood varnish. The exhale has strong notes of woodsy OG kush, campfire marshmallows, and fuel. It delivers a deep-sinking full-bodied indica high much like Wedding Cake, but with an extra buzzing euphoric pulse to the high thanks to its White Fire 43 lineage. The high gets on top of you fast and will really sit you back. A couple hits of a joint will have you thinking you just took a dab! The Village is often the first to grow extremely high quality genetics before seeds are available to the public, they are trusted by breeders and solventless concentrate makers for a reason, their flower represents the utmost boutique expression of high grade cannabis.