Kushberry Cheesecake 3.5g - LA Kush
Kushberry Cheesecake 3.5g - LA Kush


Los Angeles Kush is no stranger to the medical cannabis scene and now the recreational. Always showing strong presence at cannabis events, they grow high quality cannabis with prominent genetics. These Los Angeles Kush flowers deliver sweet and savory notes with every toke and high-flying effects. Kushberry Cheesecake is a Sativa strain with a terpene profile that tastes more like a dessert than cannabis. Her buds appear light green due to the dense forest of milky trichomes and have almost as many stringy red-orange hairs in her nugs. When these flowers burn, Kushberry Cheesecake sends users into euphoric bliss leaving them with soaring positivity. Whether you decide to roll them up or pack them in a bowl, Kushberry Cheesecake will send powerful euphoric effects and rich, sweet flavors.


23.43% THC

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