Gold Seal is a cultivator from San Fransisco creating premium cannabis products. The thick, flavorful smoke of a nicely rolled Mochi Gelato joint goes down as smooth as silk. The flavor is similar to chai tea, sweet with subtle hints of spice. But her taste is extremely complex and so unique that it becomes indescribable. The inhale hits your taste buds with creamy, sweet, tangy notes while the exhale emanates a earthy, peppermint, and lavender punch. Providing a blissful lift from reality and a burst of creativity, Mochi Gelato’s unique terpene profile is indulgent and gratifying. The physical alleviation is strong, but the high is still clear and bright enough for you to remain productive. Mochi’s unique terpene profile relaxes the mind and melts away stress, allowing a tranquil and inspired experience. Warning: consuming too much Mochi may lead to delicious snacks and a sound night’s rest.